Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ravelry Christmas Swap Box of Love from Australia

I've been spending a fair amount of time trying to organize my knitting projects and stash using Ravelry. I love to join a swap from time to time. This last swap was great joy to shop for and to receive. I was partnered with a lovely gal named Chris from Australia.

I've had the box now for going on almost 3 weeks. I had to tuck it's gold beautifulness away in the closet so I wouldn't be tempted...

I chose Christmas Eve to open it....

The presentation was beautiful...

So many lovely gifts! Chocolate, stitch markers, scissors, stickers, memo notes, A Dr. Who dishcloth (I adore Dr. Who... Tom Baker was my first Doctor...)
Soap and the most beautiful hand knit cowl. 

She truly spoiled me and I love it all. I've been fortunate to meet so many people all over the world by participating in these swaps. 

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I can't believe I remembered the password!!

I've been away soooooo long from the blogging world. It only took me 2 days to remember what email and password combination I had set this up with. I am so looking forward to reconnecting and catching up on what everyone has been up to while i've been away.

Much has changed here on the farm in the last two years. I went back to teaching. The local high school needed a chemistry and physics teacher... I happened to be qualified...

High school is an interesting ecosystem....

Because of this decision I had cut back on soap making and sheep breeding. Now I seem to have it all somewhat under control (or at least it appears that way..) and things are somewhat back to "normal"...whatever that actually may be.

Winston Churchill (peeking out) Nettie in the background..

 Nettie and Little Sissa..

I'm still raising Southdown Babydolls. They are docile and hearty. I'm expecting two of my ewes to birth in late February early March this year.  Maeve is still vacationing at the breeders and I expect to have her home soon. I have been spinning their roving from last years shear and it's very spongy which has been interesting to work with. In the past I just had the mill spin it into yarn.

Winston (camera hog) Nettie and Oona

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Goodness Gracious....More Love From New Zealand!!

Awhile ago I signed up for a Vintage Kitchen Swap and was paired with the lovely Louanna at NZ Green Buttons. This is what she sent!!

 Firstly let me say...everything was wonderful...but if you could have seen my eyes when I opened the ginormous bar of Whittakers chocolate... (my favorite... my friend Cat at  Catalina's Cottage got me hooked on this confection years ago.....
 Louanna makes the loveliest hand made tags and gift cards and she sent a generous amount!!
 Also included was a tea towel (perfect colours for my neutral kitchen) a family recipe for a chocolate cake and these adorable disposable bread baking pans that honestly..I have never seen in the US before.
This was such a fun swap and I'd like to thank Taz at Butter and Buntings for hosting this swap!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

I got me a little New Zealand Love Today....

I got my Country Swap box from Kimberly at Creative Chaos today. 
chock full of wonderful goodies, key chains, magnets, postcards, chocolate...Whittakers... my favorite!! Tiki salad tongs for my summer entertaining. (seriously..who has tiki salad forks in Maine? Just ME!!)

I am however...completely fascinated with the sock yarn containing possum fiber..... and can't wait to find a good sock pattern for next Winter.

Thank you so much Kim. It was a fun swap..and I hope you enjoy what I sent (albeit a tad bit late due to illness thanks again... xx)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Playing The Catch Up Game....

It's been a long...long..LOOOOOONG Winter. Everything was going smoothly... I decided to take the month of January off to re organize my business and catch up on some projects. January turned into Februrary. Plagued once again with kidney stones...I worked myself right up into a full blown ulcer. 
So... now starting to feel better..and playing the catch up game with my swaps. 
Today I got my Ravelry Swap out to Germany
The lip balm, lotin bar and roving I made and the goats milk soap is made by my friend Kim Roos who owns Gardenside Dairy in Joneseboro.

and I was so excited I got to use my Washi Tape that Heather sent me in the Sew Sweet Swap.
Now to get my other swaps organized and out the door this week!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vintage Recipe Swap

Pop on over to Butter and Buntings and sign up for this fun swap!
Looks like my kind of swap...anything related to food and the kitchen!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sew Sweet Swap Package Arrival!!

Yesterday my package arrived in the post from Heather...and it's lovely!!
Filled with chocolates, herbal tea and some fun washi tape...which I've seen on Pinterest but living in the "sticks" I've never actually come across in person. The bag is so pretty. I'm not as good a seamstress as she...i'm pretty good at sewing a straight line most days. Thank you so much Heather for everything. I can't wait to try the tea today. I hope you like everything I sent. And thank you to  Cat  for sponsoring this fun swap!