Friday, March 7, 2014

I got me a little New Zealand Love Today....

I got my Country Swap box from Kimberly at Creative Chaos today. 
chock full of wonderful goodies, key chains, magnets, postcards, chocolate...Whittakers... my favorite!! Tiki salad tongs for my summer entertaining. (seriously..who has tiki salad forks in Maine? Just ME!!)

I am however...completely fascinated with the sock yarn containing possum fiber..... and can't wait to find a good sock pattern for next Winter.

Thank you so much Kim. It was a fun swap..and I hope you enjoy what I sent (albeit a tad bit late due to illness thanks again... xx)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Playing The Catch Up Game....

It's been a long...long..LOOOOOONG Winter. Everything was going smoothly... I decided to take the month of January off to re organize my business and catch up on some projects. January turned into Februrary. Plagued once again with kidney stones...I worked myself right up into a full blown ulcer. 
So... now starting to feel better..and playing the catch up game with my swaps. 
Today I got my Ravelry Swap out to Germany
The lip balm, lotin bar and roving I made and the goats milk soap is made by my friend Kim Roos who owns Gardenside Dairy in Joneseboro.

and I was so excited I got to use my Washi Tape that Heather sent me in the Sew Sweet Swap.
Now to get my other swaps organized and out the door this week!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Vintage Recipe Swap

Pop on over to Butter and Buntings and sign up for this fun swap!
Looks like my kind of swap...anything related to food and the kitchen!