Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I can't believe I remembered the password!!

I've been away soooooo long from the blogging world. It only took me 2 days to remember what email and password combination I had set this up with. I am so looking forward to reconnecting and catching up on what everyone has been up to while i've been away.

Much has changed here on the farm in the last two years. I went back to teaching. The local high school needed a chemistry and physics teacher... I happened to be qualified...

High school is an interesting ecosystem....

Because of this decision I had cut back on soap making and sheep breeding. Now I seem to have it all somewhat under control (or at least it appears that way..) and things are somewhat back to "normal"...whatever that actually may be.

Winston Churchill (peeking out) Nettie in the background..

 Nettie and Little Sissa..

I'm still raising Southdown Babydolls. They are docile and hearty. I'm expecting two of my ewes to birth in late February early March this year.  Maeve is still vacationing at the breeders and I expect to have her home soon. I have been spinning their roving from last years shear and it's very spongy which has been interesting to work with. In the past I just had the mill spin it into yarn.

Winston (camera hog) Nettie and Oona

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